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EU & Israel to Join the Turkish-Islamic Union

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Author Topic: EU & Israel to Join the Turkish-Islamic Union  (Read 404 times)
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« on: September 26, 2010, 03:24:00 pm »

EU & Israel to Join the Turkish-Islamic Union

Harun Yahya is the pen name of the Turkish intellectual Adnan Oktar. Born in Ankara in 1956, Oktar is a Muslim thinker whose writings have been shaping the religiopolitical opinion of many readers. He constantly keeps the cause of the Turkish-Islamic union on his agenda in his books and articles. He is also engaged in a major intellectual struggle aiming at uniting the Muslim World.

This being said, found it very interesting to interview him to get to know more about his ideas.
Click to watch 1 .2 . 3

During the interview, Oktar's answers were marked by frankness, though some answers were quite rhetorical and even idealistic.

The questions raised during the interview include, but are not limited to, the following points:

- Is Turkey eligible to lead this international union?
- Is the union a utopian idea?
- Will this Turkish-Islamic union include Israel?
- Can this union resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?
- How will the EU react to the formation of this union?
- Will the Mahdi guarantee the impartiality of this union?

The interview was conducted in Istanbul on July 3, 2009, by Ali Al-Halawani, managing editor of the Living Shari`ah department and deputy editor in chief of English

Below is the full text of the interview:

IslamOnline (IOL): Mr. Adnan, would you kindly introduce yourself to our audience?

Adnan Oktar: Yes, I was born in Ankara on February 2nd, 1956. I attended primary, middle and high school in Ankara. In 1979 I won a place at the Findikli Academy of Fine Arts. I came third. After entering that academy, I have studied there about three years. In 1983 I transferred to the Istanbul University Philosophy Department. I continued my education there, but due to the anarchy and terror at the time I couldn’t contunie my education. I then concentrated on my books and CDs. And that all worked out for the best, in sha' Allah.

IOL: Before we start talking about the proposed union, which is the main topic of our speech, I need to know your view regarding the greatest problem facing Muslims in general.

Oktar: Muslims have a lack of love towards each other. They should be full of love for one another. Sectarian differences, doctrinal differences are not obstacles to love. One can be a Shiite, or a Sunni, a Jaferite or a Nakshibendi, or a member of Kadiri sect, it doesn’t matter at all. All Muslims must love one another with great fervor.

We must even love the People of the Book. We must regard them as brothers too. I mean the Christians and Jews too, because they also believe in the Oneness of Allah. They also believe in Paradise and Hell. They also believe in the lawful and unlawful acts. Of course, there may be some divergences, some deficiencies, but in the general meaning of the word, we are by and large in agreement, which means we must be full of love towards them as well. We must feel affection for them in order to win over the ignorant, the unenlightened people.

It is very important for Muslims to be allied among themselves, to love another, to protect and watch over one another, and to support the truth with all their strength. The bond of brotherhood between your web site and us is very excellent, for instance. That is one example, and that is how it should be. Muslims must protect, watch over and support one another with all their might.

IOL: Given this, what areas of interest do you mean when you refer to the Turkish-Islamic union?

Oktar: We are living in the End of Times. We are in the End of Times described by the Messenger of Allah. As clearly stated in the hadith related by As-Suyuti, the likely life expectancy of the Ummah is up until the year 1500 Hijri calendar. Blessed Said Nursi says Doomsday will take place in around 1545. Many hadith related by Suyuti state that the Ummah will survive until 1500 many times. In other words,
"(The Union) will include Israel and Armenia. It will include Russia. But it will be under Turkey’s leadership" Oktar
there is no doubt on the subject.  All the portents of the coming of the Mahdi, of the appearance of the Mahdi have taken place. Just about all the portents of the return of the Prophet Jesus have come about. A glorious inclination towards Islam has begun in the world. These are all clear signs that the coming of the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus is imminent.

IOL: Sir, how can you establish this Islamic unity and at the same time enable the member states preserve their independence, national borders, rights and interests?

Oktar: Of course. Each state will have its own system within its own national borders under the governance of their own national states. But this is a union of brotherhood, love and friendship. It will have a spiritual foundation. That is the moral values of Islam. It will have a joyous spirit of love and solidarity based on the moral values of Islam, and it will aim toward global disarmament. It will aim to win over and to love everyone.

It will include Israel and Armenia. It will include Russia. But it will be under Turkey’s leadership, Turkish leadership. There are hadiths saying that the Turkic states will unite, that the Turkic states will coalesce first. We can see this in several hadiths. And even without the hadiths, historic and sociological facts indicate this. The leadership of Turkey is seen very clearly. Turkey follows a line that favors peace and love. That is how it is now. That is how its attitude is.

As a result of this activity, all the Turkic states will come together and there will be a great unification. They will carry out this work as the leader of the Islamic world. When this great union that includes Israel Armenia and Russia is established, friendship, brotherhood and peace will become an essential feature of the world. But the leader of this union will be the Mahdi.

In other words, Allah is preparing the world for this age. The current economic crisis is a portent of the coming of the Mahdi, and this has been described in great detail. Many events that will happen before and after the time of this economic crisis have been described in detail, and they have all taken place just as stated. The same thing applies to declining rainfall. When rainfall declined, people tried to interpret this in very different ways. They attributed it to global warming, but that is of course not the case. It has nothing to do with global warming. It was a portent of the End of Times, and that portent of the End of Times has come about. There was no rain for a few years, following which powerful rains began. The drought came to an end, but the economic crisis began in the same period. It began in 2007 and will continue until 2014. When we look at these things and also at the signs of the End of Times we see the End of Times is developing in all its glory and all its power.

IOL: You have mentioned that Turkey is going to be the leader of this Islamic union. My question is: What makes Turkey eligible to lead this union, and why not any other Islamic country?

Oktar: Leaders emerge naturally. It is the natural leader. No other Islamic country is currently asking for such a post, there is no appearance of that. Neither do they appear to have the strength to discharge it. But our source of information is of course the Hadith. The Mahdi will appear in Istanbul. The holy relics are in Istanbul. When we look at the hadith we see that the Turks will serve in regard to this matter, we see that The Mahdi will emerge from among the Turks. It is said that the Mahdi will appear in Rum.
"We can expect the Prophet Jesus to return within 10 or 20 years at the most" Oktar

And at that time Anatolia was referred to as Rum region. And it is said that the Mahdi will never leave Rum, that he will never leave is homeland. That is an attribute of the Mahdi. In each and every hadith we look at, regarding this matter, we see the truth of these matters. And we also see it from the course of history. We see it when we talk to people in Islamic countries. That is the general opinion of all.

IOL: You say that the Mahdi will be born here, in Istanbul!

Oktar: No, it is said that he will be born in Madinah. It is just referred to as a "town", it is referred to as Madinah, not a specific town is mentioned. But the accounts say he will emerge from a village called Kara. There is such an account. But we are told he will be born in Madinah. It is not clear which town.

IOL: Back to the nature of the Islamic union itself, what sort of political power such union will have?

Oktar: Its principal propulsive forces are love, peace, brotherhood, disarmament and justice. Meaning both legal justice and social justice. It will be founded on that. It will be based on love and fear of Allah. And its policies will favor freedom and contemporaneity, a modern world and the development of art and culture, and it will lead a policy with the objectives of wealth, health, happiness and joy.

IOL: If one has something precious, one needs to have the power to protect it. What will be done to maintain and protect this union — if it is established?

Oktar: The basis will, of course, be Islamic moral values. But they will all collect around a leader, and that leader is the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi will be the spiritual fulcrum of this union. Following that, following the appearance of the Mahdi, there is the return of Prophet Jesus, we can expect the Prophet Jesus to return within 10 or 20 years at the most. This is a certain fact set out in the most trustworthy hadiths. But this joy and happiness in the world, the dominion of Islam, will not last long.It will last for a short period of time. And then again an age of degeneration will commence. And the Doomsday is awaited after that.

IOL: Will there be a room for tolerating the changing political conditions and appropriate strategies of each member state?

Oktar: Of course. This is activity, a union, based on a foundation of love and respect. Turkey, for example, has its own regime. And Iran has its own regime. Everyone will stick to their own regimes and their own faith. And that will be respected. Freedom is the basis of that. It will be based on freedom, democracy, love and peace, but it will be a study in which the main objective will be disarmament. But disarmament cannot happen overnight, of course. It will take time.

IOL: You are talking about a central authority that is going to be in the hand of Turkey as a leader of this Islamic union. What is the guarantee that this central authority will provide to maintain the interests of all the member states in the union?

Oktar: The guarantee is the Mahdi.

IOL: In case any conflict of interests arises between two or more member states, what should the union do to resolve that conflict?

Oktar: The power of love is very great. The power of love created by the Mahdi will lock people together in a strong bond of brotherhood. That joy, that affection and this fervent love will not be of a kind that people have ever imagined. People will enjoy a conception of love they have never known or experienced before. Many people today are selfish and egotistical. Those who claim to live by love are actually faking it and are playing games. This is described and imitated in films, plays and books and everyone is familiar with it.

 Love is imitated in 99% of the world, even a bit more in some places. That will come to an end. People will see real love, genuine love. The power of genuine love is very, very great, very intense, and there will be no such problems in such a system.

IOL: Though you have hinted at that before, I would like to get it straight from you: Will this proposed Islamic union be based on the Islamic Shari`ah or on the principles of modern democracy? Is there any conflict between the two?

Oktar: Of course the essence of the Qur’an will be applied, the moral values of Islam as set out in the Qur’an will be implemented. Love and peace will be applied, democracy will be implemented with its true meaning. People can be Christians or Jews, or irreligious or very devout with much piety in a system in which democracy is implemented. The environment will be appropriate for all of these. There is no compulsion in the deen. That is what the Qur’an says.

IOL: Some people say that this call for an Islamic union serves the objective of Turkey which presents itself to the region as a superpower. What do you think of that ?

Oktar: A super power will exist only if there are arms. Of course it will be a super power, but it will be a super power in terms of love, affection, peace, justice and law, of protecting and watching over people, and of health and wealth, not in terms of oppression and military might.  Because the duty of the Mahdi is clearly set out in the hadith. Disarmament. That is one of his duties.  Disarmament is also a duty of the Prophet Jesus.

The Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus are two brothers descended from the Prophet Ibrahim. They will work together. The Prophet Jesus will pray behind the Mahdi. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) states that the Prophet Jesus will put his hands on the Mahdi’s shoulders and push him to act as an imam during the prayer. You can clearly see this in Al-Bukhari, in Muslim, in At-Tirmidhi, in Ibn Majah, and in the authentic hadiths and all other works. These hadith are very clear and totally reliable.

The Mahdi will be the leader of the Muslim world, of the whole world. The Prophet Jesus as the leader of the Christian world, will be his subordinate and his vizier, and these two brothers descended from the Prophet Ibrahim will rule the world in a perfect manner. As you know, degeneration will commence after their deaths.

IOL: Some people regard this union as utopian. Do you really believe this will happen?

Oktar: This is the destiny given by Allah. Nothing on earth can stop this destiny of Allah’s as it makes its way. Destiny is not a force that can halted. For example, if there is something on a video tape, it will inevitably emerge as the tape is played. And that event will happen no matter what. If you watch that tape 30 times that image will still appear 30 times and you will see it on every occasion. The Mahdi has already come to earth and the Prophet Jesus has returned long ago in destiny. Their prayers have already been performed in their funerals. They have died and Doomsday has taken place in the sight of Allah long ago.

It is impossible for the Mahdi to be stopped. The return of the Prophet Jesus cannot be stopped. These are things that are certain in destiny.

The verses of the Qur’an clearly state that the Prophet Jesus will return. I take shelter in Allah from the satan, (…And I am making the ones who have closely followed you above the ones who have disbelieved until the Day of the Resurrection…)(Aal-`Imran 3:55) says Allah, He says he will give them power over non-believers. This is a verse depicting a world dominion. Almighty Allah says, (And decidedly there is not one of the people of the Book but will indeed definitely believe in him before his death…) (An-Nisa' 4:158). That is also world dominion. This is crystal clear.

Anyhow there is a verse in the Qur’an referring to the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and only for him which states that he is a sign of Doomsday. This is said for the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). No other prophet is referred to in that way. Only said for the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). And Allah also says they did not kill him, did not hang him. Allah raised him into His sight. Allah reiterates that they never killed or hanged him. Allah removed him from the sphere of time and space.

In other words, He raised him into His sight. And 2000 years later the Prophet Jesus will re-enter the sphere of time and space. Said Nursi says that the Prophet Jesus will not know who he is when he returns. He says his close followers will know him from the radiance of his faith. He will return in the same clothing. His shoes will be the same. He will be wearing sandals with a thong between the toes. The Prophet Jesus will return with the same long robe and the same personal possessions. He will be sent down asleep. Said Nursi says he will be left with a Christian community very reminiscent of Islam. And he will later read and study the Qur’an, the Torah and the Gospel. The Prophet Jesus will become a Muslim and will call the whole Christian world to Islam.

It is impossible for that to be prevented, no power or force can prevent it. Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says that the Mahdi will be born in Medina and will come to Istanbul. He says he will cross over the sea in Istanbul, and it is even mentioned that he will cross by a dryroad. He is referring to the building of the bridge over the Bosphorus. He will cross by dry land. And he says he will plant a standard by the edge of the sea. Everywhere in Istanbul is full of high flags at the moment. And the prophecy of this hadith had been realized as well. And many hadith state that the Mahdi will not use arms during his work in Istanbul, and will shed no blood and will not waken the sleeper.

Our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says he will capture Istanbul in spirit by reciting the takbir, calling on the name of Allah. This is very clear. This is not something that
"The idea of forming a union from the Arab world; including Israel has almost never been voiced before, and even thinking about that has been regarded as odd." Al-Halawani
anyone could deny. The collapse of Darwinism and materialism is also a sign that the system of the Mahdi is growing and strengthening.

I am a herald of the Mahdi. I am someone who prepares the way for the Mahdi. Excellent results are being obtained even through my activities. This means the earth will move when the Mahdi appears,   in sha 'Allah.

IOL: Mr. Adnan, where did you get the description of Jesus Christ upon his second coming or advent? What are your sources?

Oktar: I learned some of this from the works of Bediüzzaman, some from the hadiths and some from scholars. In addition, the Prophet Jesus was wearing clothes and had his own personal possessions with him when he was raised to the sky. Since there is no question of him being sent back to earth naked, he will of course be wearing those same clothes.

IOL: I was not talking about his coming naked for he can change his clothes to suit the age or the time in which he will come back.

Oktar: This is how it will be when he was first sent. In the first return. Of course he will change his clothes afterwards. Moreover people will not even be able to recognize the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). Besides he would not wander around with those clothes, that would attract too much attention.

IOL: The idea of forming a union from the Arab world; including Israel has almost never been voiced before, and even thinking about that has been regarded as odd. What do you think of that?

Oktar: Islam harbors love, affection and compassion. Israel is in a very difficult position and Palestine is in a very difficult position. And when a Muslim sees someone who is in a difficult position, someone among the People of the Book or a Muslim brother of his, he will in any case want to save him and this is in any case an obligatory situation. This is what love, affection and compassion demand. There is no need for Israel to request this. Since they are already in a difficult position, it will be a very good thing for them to be saved and made autonomous, for those walls in Israel to be torn down, for them to do business as they wish in the region and to be able to travel freely and set up facilities freely.

IOL: What about restoring the Muslim land of Palestine?

Oktar: Of course, as I just said, they are also our immaculate Muslim, faithful brothers who have suffered a very great deal. They will found their own state in the region and be able to travel freely. They will be able to enter Israel freely and make their home there. They will be able to go to other places as they wish. They will be able to go to Egypt or Pakistan or anywhere they want and will live freely and at ease. All this suffering will come to an end.

IOL: In one of your articles you have mentioned that this Turkish-Islamic union is the only possible solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Could you please elaborate on this?

Oktar: That would be obvious even if I did not say it. It is something that cannot be resolved otherwise even if it goes on for hundreds of years. Because the flow within the system appears to be locked. This problem will be resolved only with the Mahdi’s intervention and with the power of the Turkish-Islamic Union, and that is openly stated in the hadith. He says that the Dajjal will besiege Muslims in Jerusalem. Dajjal will place the Muslims in Jerusalem in a very difficult position and put terrible pressure on them. He says he will inflict torment and suffering on them and will spill their blood. And the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus will intervene and put an end to the situation, we are told in the hadith.

The atheist Zionists in Israel are very cruel. They are literally eradicating devout Jews there. Atheist Zionists are inflicting grave suffering on our devout Jewish brothers, but the Prophet Jesus and Hazrat Mahdi will put an end to this cruelty of those atheist Zionist. But this matter is made crystal clear in the hadith.

IOL: Do you think that the climate is now ideal for the foundation of the Turkish-Islamic union?

Oktar: After I have placed the subject the Turkish- Islamic Union on agenda hundreds of developments have taken place. Allah had allowed it to coincide that

"Turkey will not join the European Union. The European Union will join Turkey. In other words, it will be part of the Turkish-Islamic Union."Oktar
period of time, this is a coincidence planned by Allah, a beautiful one. A huge acceleration began some 5-6 months after I raised these issues. There have been huge new steps with Turkic states and Islamic countries. I have set these out in a list in my web site. It is set out in detail on the, web sites. And there have been really astonishing developments. Not just one or two, but hundreds. And these developments are continuing every day, every week and every month.

IOL: If this Islamic union is established, what will be its impact on the world and what are its objectives? In your opinion, what will be the first subject to be discussed by that union?

Oktar: An immediate end to terror and anarchy. An end to conflict. Beginning a policy of disarmament. Love will be put forth with its true meaning. The bonds off brotherhood will be powerfully reinforced. The road will be fully opened up to collaboration on all subjects. Borders will be opened. There will be no more passport and visa problems. People will be able to travel freely to whatever country they wish. And social justice, legal justice, love, peace, brotherhood, joy and happiness will all be distinguishing features of this age.

IOL: Regarding the issue of Turkey joining the European Union, what does Turkey have to offer Europe, and what should convince the EU to approve Turkey's membership?

Oktar: Turkey will not join the European Union. The European Union will join Turkey. In other words, it will be part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Because the European Union is an increasingly collapsing and aging one, devoid of any energy. It has no economic power. This economic crisis in particular is a portent of the coming of the Mahdi. Europe’s back has been broken. The only thing Turkey may gain from joining the European Union will only may be concern restoring democracy. But it will gain nothing economically; on the contrary, due to their collapse, Turkey will save them from their swamp by forming the Turkish Islamic Union.

IOL: Many European experts are asking about Europe’s identity. So, what will make Europe join the Turkish-Islamic union and abandon its identity?

Oktar: They will begin heading toward true Christianity, a Christianity resembling to Islam will begin to develop in Europe. At a time in which they will leave their distorted wrong beliefs behind and continue their way towards the true Christianity, the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) will return. Or else, there will also be a strengthening of Christianity, but this will be in a purging and flourishing style.

IOL: My last question is: What are the practical steps are you taking to achieve the Turkish-Islamic union?

Oktar: The Orthodox will in any case be part of the Turkish-Islamic Union. It will include Russia. It will include Armenia and Israel. There are also Orthodox in Europe. There are Jews and Catholics and various Christian denominations. Because we know that Christianity is divided into several different denominations. Everyone can see that. And they have long been opposed to one another. That will stop and they too will become brothers to each other. These sectarian differences will disappear. There will emerge a pure conception of Christianity similar to Islam and the Qur’an.

In other words, the European Union will be puzzled by the Turkish-Islamic Union. Because there are Jews and Christians among them and there will be Jews and Christians in the Turkish-Islamic union as well. But this study, the Turkish-Islamic Union is one under the leadership of the Muslims. In this regard this structure is one they can easily adapt to. It will be a structure what embraces them with affection and protects them.

The portents of Islamic dominion have already taken place. Such as the occupation of Afghanistan, the occupation of Iraq, solar and lunar eclipses at 15-day intervals in the month of Ramadan which happened twice and the appearance of a comet. Then the appearance of the double-tailed comet Lulin. Apart from those, there are some 300 other portents.There are lots and lots of portents. Anyone visiting my web sites can see those. They have all come about. This shows that the End of Times is moving full speed ahead. They said they would halt the economic crisis. I said there would be an economic crisis 20 years beforehand. I announced it on the basis of the hadith. And it began in 2007. They said the crisis would last just one year. I said it would go on until 2014. Then the IMF issued an official statement saying it would last until 2014. In other words, they had nothing to base themselves on, no scientific basis. They just copied my words. They realized that history would follow that course, they felt it, and saw that there was no escape and that things were moving ahead in destiny.

Of course Allah knows the truth. Destiny is moving ahead in all its splendor and all its strength. I believe that the Mahdi is already alive and at work and that the return of the Prophet Jesus is a matter of moments. Very little time remains. The concrete steps I have taken for union, my struggle against Darwinism and materialism, my efforts to establish ties of brotherhood between Christians and Muslims, the compassion I have shown for the Jews and my efforts to establish friendly ties to them and all my works have been instrumental in millions of people attaining salvation, and an ideal environment for the development of peace and brotherhood has begun to form. But it is very important, of course, to visit my web sites in order to understand this comprehensively and to study all the fine details. Those who do will see that immaculate work has been carried out and that immaculate progress is being made.

IOL: Ok, Mr. Adnan, I intended the previous question to be the last, but actually I do have another one, can I ask it?

Oktar: Ma sha' Allah, of course. I would be delighted.

IOL: What is the international reaction toward your call; in other words, what was the response of the Islamic countries to this call?

Oktar: There is enormous excitement in Palestine, one asking for the leadership of Turkey. This has also been reflected in the press and everyone heard about it. These calls are coming from everywhere, from Morocco and Tunisia and Algeria. There are calls from Pakistan. These calls are coming in from the Turkic states. There is this fervor for the Turkish-Islamic Union on all sides. But they are just reproaching saying “okay but when are we going to do this?”. There is a defined time fort his. We are moving toward the time ordained by Almighty Allah. Everything will happen immediately when the time comes, in sha' Allah.
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